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June Company frequently repair Agilent now Keysight electronic products on a daily basis. This frequent repair process allows our engineers and technicians to revers engineer the Agilent now Keysight electronics for not only the repair on the bench but to help allow to expedite future repairs. This repair process has gone on for over two decades and the other advantage is our repair department has procured a very large parts sourcing program among many international parts providers. An electronic load is a type of instrument that applies a voltage and sinks current. Also known as a programmable load, this tool emulates AC or DC electronic loads to perform thorough functional tests on batteries, solar cells, wind generators, and other common power sources. It’s often used by the manufacturers of said sources in order to dynamically test their supplies. They do so by rapidly increasing and decreasing the load repeatedly, demonstrating their compliance to quality and safety standards. Because electronic loads are - as their name suggests - programmable, they make this type of testing much easier than configuring resistors or resistivity elements for each test. DC programmable electronic loads are versatile, automated test equipment for power discharge testing. There are many choices and factors to consider before selecting an electronic load for your needs and we here at Circuit Specialists understand that, so we provided an in-depth FAQ guide answering any questions may have when it comes making an informed decision on your next purchases of electronic loads. If your company, corporation, or organization is in need of a pulse generator repair, please fill out the Keysight Quick Quote Form to begin the simple repair process.