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June Company Industrial Services has a vast history of repairing the most complex oscilloscopes as well as hand-held oscilloscopes for Agilent now Keysight Technologies. Our company has become well acquainted with the repair process, parts acquisition, and calibration process that has taken several years to perfect as a process. Oscilloscopes display the change of an electrical signal over time, with voltage and time as the Y- and X-axes, respectively, on a calibrated scale. The waveform can then be analyzed for properties such as amplitudefrequencyrise time, time interval, distortion, and others. Modern digital instruments may calculate and display these properties directly. Originally, calculation of these values required manually measuring the waveform against the scales built into the screen of the instrument. The oscilloscope can be adjusted so that repetitive signals can be observed as a continuous shape on the screen. A storage oscilloscope can capture a single event and display it continuously, so the user can observe events that would otherwise appear too briefly to see directly. Oscilloscopes are used in the sciences, medicine, engineering, automotive, and the telecommunication industry. General-purpose instruments are used for the maintenance of electronic equipment and laboratory work. If your company, corporation, government facility is in need of an oscilloscope repair and calibration, please fill out the Agilent, Keysight Quick Quote Form to begin the repair process.