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As all of our engineers and technicians must understand as well as almost any other electronic technician and electrical engineer per IEEE information. I.E. Insulation tester or resistance tester are both the same measure. Resistance to be measured is connected across the terminals i.e. connected in series with the deflecting coil and across the generator. When the current is supplied to the coils then they have torque in opposite directions. If the resistance to be measured is high, no current will flow through the deflecting coil, the controlling coil, will, therefore, set itself perpendicular to the magnetic axis and hence set the pointer to infinity. If the resistance to be measured is small, a high current flows through the deflecting coil and the resulting torque sets the pointer to zero. For the intermediate value of resistance, depending upon the torque production, the pointer is set at a point between zero and infinity. As this is widely known with all of our electronic technicians and engineers, we stock all commonly used (not so common due to international acquisitions) but we try to stay ahead of this situation. If you are in need of an insulation tester repair, please inquire with our Keysight Quick Quote Form to begin the streamlined process.