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June Company offers services for all signal generators such as vector, sine, frequency such as square, sine all the way to microwave and G-wave and soon T-wave.  As we all know... A signal generator is one of a class of electronic devices that generates electronic signals with set properties of amplitude, frequency, and wave shape. These generated signals are used as a stimulus for electronic measurements, typically used in designing, testing, troubleshooting, and repairing electronic devices, though it often has artistic uses as well. There are many types of signal generators with different purposes and applications and at varying levels of expense. These types include function generators, RF and microwave signal generators, pitch generators, arbitrary waveform generatorsdigital pattern generators, and frequency generators. In general, no device is suitable for all possible applications. A signal generator may be as simple as an oscillator with calibrated frequency and amplitude. More general-purpose signal generators allow control of all the characteristics of a signal. Modern general-purpose signal generators will have a microprocessor control and may also permit control from a personal computer. Signal generators may be free-standing self-contained instruments, or may be incorporated into more complex automatic test systems. If your company, corporation, organization, government entities that need repair and calibration services, please fill the Quick Quote Form to proceed the process.