Keysight Oscilloscope Repair

June Company Industrial Services has repaired each category of Agilent, now Keysight oscilloscopes, making our repair department unique in this industry. As demand for IoT-based applications, HD streaming, cloud services and 5G continues to increase, the need for higher data throughput communication and more efficient test solutions in the optical domain steadily grows as well. Whether your Keysight oscilloscope has a display problem, knobs, connectors, SMD board or module repair and more than any issues, power supply repair services. If you are in need of Agilent/Keysight oscilloscope repair, please follow the link. Agilent/Keysight Oscilloscope Repair

Keysight Power Source Repair

Agilent now Keysight has become an industry standard for laboratories, industrial R&D labs, Industrial applications, military bases, government facilities and many more sectors for decades. The hardware and software are unprecedented and our electronics engineers and electronics technician’s also have decades combined experience repairing these power supplies and firmware updates as needed.  Keysight Power Source Repair

Keysight Signal Generator Repair

June Company Industrial Services repairs not just Agilent/Keysight signal generators, but just about every “high end” signal generator. Why do we only specialize in “high end” rather than cheap copies? The cheap knock offs are exactly what they are, not worth buying for real laboratories, military, government organizations, industrial corporations that require strict ISO-9000 compliance. Our repair process requires using mil-spec components for replacement for repairs for every repair needed. We also offer NIST calibration services for all repairs needed. Keysight Signal Generator Repair